Friday, June 22, 2012

The Tweet Life

I'm back on Twitter... trying to figure out how to use the gosh darn thing in a better way than just following celebrities.  You can follow me:  @KtBkr4

I don't know yet what I'll be doing on Twitter, but there I am.  And as my husband likes to state, "where ever you are, there you are." So, here I am.

Here's some links and things I found twittering away the day...
(btw, we had thunderstorms here ALL day, so rather than doing laundry, I was using my time for educational purposes)    :-)

And anything with  #canflip  and #flipclass

Thoughts that pop in my head,
 catch 'em quick before their gone again.

Screen sharing with Skype  -- must check this out.

And we just had a lightning strike right outside my window, so I'm done tweeting now because my heart is now twittering from the shock!


  1. Great flippers to follow:
    @DaretoChem (my hubby!)

    #flipclass chat is Monday at 8pm.

  2. You can add a link to your twitter account on the sidebar.