Friday, June 22, 2012

What's Up Doc?

Here's an interesting demo on Google docs:

I've always been a Word Girl, so I haven't explored Google docs much. I like the sharing aspect of Google docs, but I have no clue how to use it.  And, there's something about privacy issues or copyright or something: what you write on Google docs becomes property of Google docs?  I'll have to research that bit again.

So, any of you out there in Internet land, do you use Google docs?  How? Why? When?


  1. Hi Kate, My district uses Google Apps for Education so we do use Google Docs. I like the ability to share documents with my team so that we can edit, share ideas, etc. If you have internet access you can get to your document, so there is no need to keep emailing myself my docs or saving them to a flash drive to work on at home. But, and it is kind of a big but, I do not find it as intuitive as Word. I have been writing in Word for what seems like eons, so I know how to use it. I use excel a lot in my position and I cannot quite get the hang of it in google docs.

    This past school year was our first using Google Apps, with no training. I am self-trained, but I am hoping to become more knowledgeable in the upcoming school year. :)

  2. I've used G-docs with my summer swim team for writing meet sheets and creating other forms, but I haven't explored it in the classroom. And, I don't know if I need to use G-docs in the classroom. My entire district uses Microsoft everything. I love WORD!

    I do like G-docs spreadsheet because it is simpler than Excel-- I'm horrible with Excel. I've gotten a little better with use, but not by much. :-)

    I'd like to check out G-apps more. I love Chrome and just about anything google. I too am self-trained. We're in the same boat! :-)

    I'll be sure to share techniques & tips as I figure them out!
    Thanks for the comments!