Wednesday, May 13, 2015

#NJPAECET2 is Looking for YOU!

I am on the steering committee of NJPAECT2, and we are seeking proposals for workshops and nominations for attendees of our convening on September 19-20, 2015. You can learn more about the event by visiting our site

Workshop session proposals can focus on any subject area (ELA, math, science, and social studies) or other area in education, such as technology integration, special education, digital literacy, CCSS, and differentiation of instruction. Please know you are not limited to these, and we encourage any and all ideas you have for a session you'd like to lead. Part of the NJ/PA ECET2 experience will be structured in a traditional conference format, where sessions will be 60 minutes in length. Please use this form to propose your idea for a workshop. Another part of the experience will be structured in an unconference style format, where sessions will be approximately 30 minutes in length. In an unconference experience, anyone can start or lead a conversation about any topic. The sessions for the unconference will be put together on the day of the event. If your session proposal is selected, please also consider having a discussion topic you'd like to lead during the unconference portion and bring it with you to NJ/PA ECET2. Proposals to present must be received by June 5, 2015 to be considered. Those selected to present will be notified via e-mail by June 19, 2015.

What we're looking to do is identify teachers who have teacher-leadership skills, are doing great things in their classroom, or would benefit from becoming more connected. We'd like to feature more pre-serv Ts and young alum of colleges/universities to build their presentation skills, PLN, and give them more contacts when they are out in the field looking for work.

Last year we had 56 breakout sessions, Ted style-talks, breakfast/snack/lunch/snack/dinner/open bar, plus the second day was full unconference. We trended #1 on Twitter for both days, 15% of our attendees wrote blog posts, and we were even featured in the Star Ledger.

Anyone from NJ and PA can propose a presentation, nominate someone to attend, etc. We're looking for people who are just looking to give back. Are you interested in presenting or passing this on to folks you know who would give excellent presentations? Also, please nominate any NJ/PA educator that you think would benefit from attending this event