Thursday, June 7, 2012

To Do List

End of the Year Ideas for Next Year

  1. Flip grammar-- need to find resources and make online mastery quizzes 
  2. Figure out how to record lectures or screen-casts.  
  3. Learn how to better utilize the small group features on Edmodo
  4. Learn Class Dojo, Classroom Organizer
  5. Get devices for students who don't have access to BYOD
  6. Obtain digital copies of texts taught in class. Looking forward to using the Kindle reader app and projecting the text on the big screen.

Points to Ponder ("frog word" as Mr. Speck would say)

  1. BYOD and flipping the average/general level class. Will this motivate the unmotivated student? 
  2. Should classes really be tracked? I do see a deficiency in skills between levels, but does the label actually reinforce the deficiency? I'm thinking of the Pygmalion effect and self-fulfilling prophecy:  if the general have been labeled as general, do they perform generally because of the label?
  3. Can I challenge the general level as I challenge the Honors? HOW?

Using Edmodo in the Spring semesters was a success. I was able to assign more challenging and technology based assignments, provide quicker feedback, and lessen my paperload. The test/quiz feature has definitely saved me time! But, assessments should not just be test based. I still went overboard assigning too many assignments for me to assess, but grading in a timely manner has always been a point for improvement. AND, as I constantly tell my students, we are doing more than just working for a grade: there is more to learning than achieving the "A".  


  1. Have you read my blog ( Most of what you're doing I've just finished trying out! Edmodo, Class Dojo, BYOD, using Kindle editions of novels (I didn't actually use a physical book in our last novel unit!), ShowMe and screencasting, flipped grammar with online grammar exercises/quizzes/games, skill tracking...

    Yeah. We should talk! Want to do a Google+ hangout sometime soon? Tweet me (@guster4overs) or comment on my blog!

  2. CHERYL! Yes, I follow you! :-) I'm Mrs. Baker from Edmodo! I was inspired by you and Nicole Cremeens to start this blog.