Thursday, November 1, 2012

LBI & Hurricane Sandy- Links & Resources

No words can convey the sense of loss and devastation. This is the irony of being an English teacher: I cannot articulate my feelings over this disaster.  The island has shaped who I am today and who my children will be.

Rebuilding will be a long process that will be ongoing even after the media has turned their eyes to a new story and the fervor for donating has diminished. If you can help, please do so. If you cannot contribute now, please contribute in the future.

Moving Forward

Hope for Long Beach Island: video created by Jimmy Ward

Disaster Relief 

For information on how you can help support those in need from Hurricane Sandy, please click on the following links. I will only post links to reputable sites. Stafford Storm Relief Center on Bay Ave in Manahawkin and the King of Kings Church on Rt 9 in Barnegat has FREE  items for displaced families.

#NJED Disaster Relief

The American Red Cross

Jetty T-shirt:  100% donated to those in need

The Southern Ocean County Animal Shelter has a paypal account set up for donations in addition to information on how to donate dog/cat food and other items.

The Humane Society of the United States has a hotline for NJ residents who need help rescuing their pets.

Beach Haven Borough

Disaster Loan Application


From the Long Beach Township Police DepartmentOf importance FEMA’s strongest recommendation is to file a claim with your insurance company and also register a claim with FEMA at 1-800-621-3362 or online at FEMA strongly recommends if in doubt register your claim and generalities can be analyzed at a later point. FEMA guidance will be available to you in the immediate future.

Cleaning, Rebuilding and After the Storm Information

On FaceBook, follow Stafford Strong, Stafford Bucket Brigade, Waretown Bucket Brigade, and Tuckerton Bucket Brigade to find ways to be part of the clean up effort for the Long Beach Island and mainland areas. Networking on FaceBook and Twitter has been a vital way for communities to stay informed and take action. Throughout the storm and the power outages, mobile FaceBook and Twitter have been the only ways for people to gain information, so all the cross-posting and sharing has had a powerful influence. Below are additional links to information about the cleaning and rebuilding process and the opening of the island to residents.

Clean Up Begins in Downtown Beach Haven

Moving on from Sandy

LBI Reopens After Sandy

Elmo Explains Hurricane Sandy

The Sandpaper-- LBI's local newspaper

LBI Impact

For more information and images on how the Long Beach Island and surrounding mainland areas were impacted by Hurricane Sandy, please visit the links below.


The Sandpaper, local paper for LBI has excellent information on the area.

Hurricane Sandy Response Imagery- searchable aerial images, also zoom in to particular streets/houses

Google Crisis Map

Hurricane Sandy Damage on Flickr

Damage in Holgate

Before and After Images 

Search & Recovery Continue

Aerial Photos of LBI by Ryan Morrill (taken November 2, can see the new inlet south of Holgate)

Aerial Photos of LBI (click on links under pictures)

Footage of Driving on LBI

Beach Haven West 

WPVI Channel 6 ABC in Philadelphia has chopper footage organized by town name. Just go through their video page to find the town. Also there are videos of reports given from the affected areas.

CBS Philly also has video of reports from the area.

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