Sunday, October 7, 2012

Claco: Teachers & Technology Team Up

Claco (in Beta right now, but you can request an invite) provides a place for educators to store all their resources including files, bookmarks, websites, videos and just about any other content imaginable in organized and tagged online binders. Claco also allows for easy sharing with other educators, parents, and teachers with the ability to "snap" binders and files from other Claco users or share via Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. While the organization and sharing are the foundations of Claco, there are additional features and the "what is to come" that make Claco stand out on the web.

The organizational and sharing aspects of Claco are excellent. In my previously paper-based classroom, I had shelves with 3 ring binders of each unit and novels studied, and file folders of resources stashed (ok, crammed) in filing cabinets. Claco mimics this design by streamlining the binder and file folder features in the Claco cloud. No longer do I need to worry about lending out binders hoping they get returned in pristine condition or running to the copier to share resources with my colleagues, since with one click I can determine if resources, for example Short Stories,  are public or private. It is now the responsibility of others to "snap" my resources to their own binders (and mine to snap their's) and I don't ever have to worry about collecting the lent out materials or remembering where I put my colleague's materials. 

The tagging feature is one of my favorites. Resources can be tagged by grade level, subjects, Common Core Standards (YES, Common Core Standards!), and keywords. Having the Common Core Standards already embedded is a major selling point for me. I do not have to look up the numbers or copy/paste the standards into my own plans. This feature is vital for saving time writing lesson plans online. The "What is to Come" has me very intrigued: According to Jordan Hamel (@JordanHamel), member of Team Claco, "We will have real-time lesson plan collaboration, and lesson building on Claco."

Jordan also puts it best with articulating the goals of Claco, "We are creating a place where educators can build, share and store class curricula, but also a community of educators that will share and learn together."  Team building and organization are vital in the online world of education, and Team Claco can help educators become connected. Claco promotes a positive networking environment that extends beyond the walls of one's own school building: teachers from across the country and world can share resources. #UnitedWeTeach


  1. I'm anxiously waiting to get 'in'. I think I requested my invite Friday. :)

  2. I am loving Claco! I urge all educators to join so you can start sharing best practices!