Thursday, March 27, 2014

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT from ClassDojo: App Messaging

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ClassDojo iOS and Android apps now include ClassDojo Messaging — a new feature enabling teachers and parents to easily and meaningfully communicate about student progress. Users of Class Dojo and BYOD advocates will appreciate the ease with which they can keep parents connected to the classroom. Take a look at the screenshots below showing how ClassDojo Messaging will look on a personal device. 

I'll be honest, I struggle with maintaining contact with my parents.  I do the best I can between phone calls, email and Edmodo, but unfortunately I most often initiate specific contact when something negative has occurred.  I really like that ClassDojo promotes positive interactions. ClassDojo Messaging users can blast out messages to the whole group of parents or direct message individuals, and with read-receipts there is no question that parents are looking at the messages.  I also like that it is an app I can use on my personal device so I can walk around the room and not be tethered to my computer.

I have to applaud ClassDojo for working to bridge the edtech gap between home and school, making all students, teachers, and parents, connected to learning.


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