Sunday, April 28, 2013

Talking Squirrels & Ninjas: Silly Technology Use

While browsing through the Language Arts community on Edmodo, I came across a post by Kalina Noelle, who shared a simple and easy newspaper clipping generator, and Mrs. Osborne who replied with another site with even more newspaper templatesCool!

While the newspaper clipping tool is very useful for creating story starters or fake articles about content studied in class, I also came across something even cooler on the site and generator blog:

Talking Squirrels. Really?!

Create your own Animation

Who doesn't love talking, googly-eyed squirrels, owlstomatoes, cats or flowers!? Not me!

And it gets even better! Shut up!  

How about some ninjas and wizards writing messages?! No way!

Use them for eye-catching quick reminders for class or just plain ol' silliness to jazz up boring content on a class webpage. Awesome!


  1. Hi Kate, wow that was super sweet of you! I also tweeted your page at CommonCoreSoup and Angelspeak1111. Have a super day :)

  2. Thanks, Kalina for sharing & commenting! The newspaper clipping generator really is a great tool, but I couldn't resist sharing the silly animations. You have a great day, too!