Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Very excited for viewing the Edmodocon presentations today. Additional information on Edmodocon here too.

I am geeking out over the new upgrades to the Edmodo platform: enhanced organization with folders & groups, reaction button (similar to FB's "like"), gradebook upgrade... the keynote speech by Nic Borg has me fired up! The Beta version will be available for all Edmodocon attendees "soon" (we can switch back and forth between the old and new platform versions).  I am itching to try this out-- actually in more than one way: I got poison ivy weeding one of my overgrown flowerbeds this past week. Not too bad, just up one forearm, but gosh darn does it itch!!!!

Here are links to what others are posting about Edmodo & Edmodocon 2012:

I've blogged before about using Edmodo to go paperless and I'll be presenting at TeachMeetNJ in August on the techniques and strategies that I use.  I'll be sharing my presentation notes later. Just let me simply state: I LOVE EDMODO!

More to come...


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