Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Know Where I Am Going!

QR Codes Part II

I also posted on Edmodo seeking information and uses of QR codes.  Thanks for the responses!

From Mrs. Suchsland,  I use them for my class bell ringer. The QR code is on the board. The kids pull out their phones and after capturing the code, the directions, questions, practice as the bell ringer for the day are embedded within the code. The kids like it for something a little different than the reg paper and pencil starters. I also use it at meet the parent night. All my contact info is in a code.

From Ms. Chomat - I created one and am adding it to my syllabus this year and printing the code on my bulletin board for parent night :)

I usually start class with a Do Now (aka Bell Ringer) that I project on my front board. I have them all saved on one PPT file and the slides are in sequence with the curriculum taught each marking period. I can easily modify and adjust the slides. I like the idea of using QR codes as part of my Do Now's-- I know few other teachers use them at my school, so this will certainly catch their attention.

I'd also like to explore using QR codes for Back to School Night. I only get 11 mins with each class of parents so I do a very fast paced presentation showcasing the class procedures and my teaching style, supplementing most of the class information on a handout. The QR code could be in addition to the handout.

From Missi Voss - You can use QRs for an interactive bulletin board as well. Images top...significant parts of lit bottom...match & use the QRs as a check. Can be a way to review.

I had this funny moment picturing my class plastered in QR codes, all black and white, with varying sizes covering the walls, but in all seriousness, I do like the suggestion for making the bulletin boards and class decorations more interactive.

Here's a recap of links provided by.... 

One can also join the QR Code group on Edmodo for more ideas.

So, answering Mr. Bennett's question from yesterday-- and you are right, sir! Figure out the purpose/goal for the QR codes first and the rest will follow--- I want the QR codes to extend/enhance the classroom environment and provide a quick means for obtaining supplemental information.

Thank you all again for providing me with direction! 

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