Friday, July 24, 2015

BattleDeck-- Presentation Game #flipcon15

I learned about Battle Deck at #flipcon15 during a hilarious segment where participants gave an off-the-cuff-presentation on the theme of Flipping the Prom using a never-before-seen-but-preselected-by-the-game-master slide deck. You'll have to view the archives of #flipcon15 to get the jokes (#nooksandcrannies), but seriously this is a really neat activity. Each player has 2 mins to give a presentation on  pre-decided theme using a never before seen slidedeck. Then the class votes on who gave the best presentation.

Battle Deck is also known as PowerPoint Karaoke and similar to PechaKutcha both of which I have no experience in doing. So I wonder how to bring this in to my classroom.  Thanks to Stacy and Ken for resources below.

I envision BattleDeck as a review activity for a unit or as an activity during our mini-unit on speeches.  During our American Dream Unit, my freshmen read Of Mice and Men and  The Declaration of Independence and read/view Obama's 2nd Inaugural Address, Steve Job's 2005 commencement speech at Stanford, and Ashton Kutcher's 2013 acceptance speech at the Teen Choice Awards in Curriculet.  For each text, we discuss how the American Dream is defined and how the characters/speaker achieved the dream.  We also, in the case of the speeches and historical documents, examine the rhetoric and structure of the speech and how the speech/document was tailored to a specific audience.  I could incorporate Battle Deck as a way for my students to practice public speaking. While Battle Deck could devolve into a rip-roaring roll on the floor laughing moment, we could also use it to practice the delivery of a serious speech on a specific theme.

What ideas do you have for including Battle Deck in your class? Comment and let us know!

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