Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Another solution: Tracking Formative Standards-Based Student Performance

In discussions with Lindsay Stephenson, another ELA teacher who is implementing standards-based learning with her students, we've been trying to figure out methods for efficiently tracking student progress and alignment with the standards. Neither one of us is keen on the look of spreadsheets. Neither one of us wants to use another learning management system. Also, we don't have to create the standards-based tasks if we can use tools that generate and score tasks for us. We love Google Forms, so why not stick with what we know and love?

To track formative student learning and alignment with the standards, I created this Google Form:

My students will be completing practice (aka formative) standards-based learning tasks in Curriculet and Edmodo. Every Curriculet text has questions tagged with a Common Core ELA Standard and each Curriculet-USA Today news article is tagged with one specific standard.  With the Curriculet-USA Today subscription, my students can select the articles to read and enter in their scores on the above Google Form.  With Edmodo Snapshot, I can select specific standards and a number of questions for students to answers. Students can then enter in their scores on the Google Form shown above. While I can see the students' performance in the teacher dashboard for both Curriculet and Edmodo Snapshot, I want my students to take responsibility for their learning. So, by having the students enter in their scores and reflect on the assignment, they are learning accountability and practicing metacognitive thinking. The formative learning scores will not go into my district gradebook.  I want the students to realize that the process of learning is important whether or not a score is factored into their marking period grade. The summative data will be entered on a separate Google Form and I will figure out a way to translate that data for my district gradebook.

To recap, here is my workflow for tracking standards-based learning with my freshmen:
  1. Students complete formative learning tasks in Curriculet and Edmodo.
  2. Students enter in their scores on the formative tracking form.
  3. I analyze the data and assign retakes as needed.
  4. Students retake formative learning tasks.
  5. Students enter new scores on the formative tracking form.
  6. To document mastery of specific standards, students complete the summative tracking form and submit links to artifacts that demonstrate mastery of the standards. 
  7. I analyze the data and assign additional standards-based tasks throughout the rest of the course.
  8. I can use a mail merge add-on to generate reports of student performance for parents and administrators.
What do you think?  Think this will work? 


  1. This is fabulous. I am completely new to Google Forms so I'm not quite sure how it works, but I would love to create something like this. I would love to see what the data looks like on your end. I'm in charge of teaching our teachers how to use our new Google Accounts this year and I really need to brush up.

  2. Thank you, Alicia. So all the form entries will be listed on a spreadsheet for me. I can then sort the data to organize it by student, marking period, standard, etc. Google Forms are very versatile and easy to make/use. I use forms for so many things rather than typing information directly on a spreadsheet.