Friday, July 19, 2013

#EdcampHome Promo

On Saturday, July 20th from 12-3 pm EST, the very first EdcampHome will be held.  You DO NOT want to miss this FREE professional development event.

You can attend in your PJ's, bathing suit, or other attire via Google Hangouts and/or watching the live action on the EdcampHOME site. Everyone can participate via the backchannel following #EdcampHOME on Twitter.

For those of you not familiar with the Edcamp Foundation...

About the Edcamp Foundation 
The Edcamp Foundation is a Delaware non-profit, which was started to promote organic, participant-driven professional development for K-12 educators worldwide. The foundation’s mission is to support free edcamp unconferences for educators to exchange ideas and learn together. Edcamps offer educators the opportunity to share their experiences and their professional expertise in a collaborative, interactive learning environment. 
Edcamps are organized and attended by passionate, tech-savvy educators who are eager to explore, discover and share new teaching strategies, tools and education technologies. From eight Edcamps in year one, Edcamps now number over 200 a year, in cities all around the nation and the world. One of the staple features of an Edcamp is the “Web2.0 Smackdown,” a lightning round of resource sharing among attendees.

I've had the pleasure of attending EdcampNJ 2012 and attending/presenting at EdcampPhilly 2013. Tomorrow, for EdcampHOME, I'll be one of many to help moderate a session and get in on the action. Major accolades need to be given to the EdcampHome organizers, David Theriault, Kelly Kermode, Shawn White, and Karl Lindgren-Streicher for their forward thinking and innovative design. I'm awed by the work they've put into this so far.

From building the session board to the concluding smackdown, this organic "homemade" professional development is created by educators for educators. So set up camp, stoke your fire, and fill your cup for learning with EdcampHome.

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