Monday, August 12, 2019

Happy Not Perfect & Edmodo

Edmodo has partnered with the mindfulness app, Happy Not Perfect, to deliver educationally-focused mindfulness content to educators and students via the Edmodo mobile app.

In and out of the classroom, Edmodo can also support students’ and teachers’ mindfulness and well-being. On the Edmodo mobile app, students and teachers can access mindfulness content created by Happy Not Perfect (HNP). Take a brain break by engaging in a daily mindfulness workout and choose from unique meditations developed specifically for students and teachers. 

Out of the classroom, students and teachers can individually access the content on their personal devices and engage in a personal mindfulness workout or choose from the myriad of meditations.

In the classroom, teachers can access the HNP content on their devices and lead a whole class meditation by broadcasting the meditation via speakers. To help my students prepare for final exams, in the week leading up to the exams, we would take about 5 minutes every other day to engage in a whole class mindfulness activity. Then on the day of the final exam, we began the exam period with a meditation. While some students take the activity more seriously than others, I stressed (see what I did there?) the importance of dedicating 4 minutes to getting centered before beginning a stressful activity.

By making mindfulness part of an ongoing commitment to social and emotional learning, anxiety and negativity can be reduced, thereby helping students be more focused and prepared for the challenges they may encounter at school and in the world.

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